Dirt - Apr 2016

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“No Dirt” (04-03-16)

No Dirt: Don’t Be Discouraged, Not Every One Will Follow –Mark 4:15

“Shallow Dirt” (04-10-16)

Shallow Dirt: Don’t Be Deceived, Following Jesus is Hard –Mark 4:17

“Weedy Dirt” (04-17-16)

Weedy Dirt: Don’t Be Distracted, This World Isn’t the Goal –Mark 4:19

Weedy Dirt (04-17-16) NOTES

[Audio unavailable due to technical problems, so we have provided the BONUS notes aboveĀ in its place–we apologize for the inconvenience.]

“Good Dirt” (04-24-16)

Good Dirt: Don’t Be Disillusioned, You Can Make a BIG Difference! –Mark 4:20