Truth, Justice, and the American Way - Nov 2020

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“…and Gods Way” (11-01-20)

The Truth Is, God is a God of Justice –Matthew 12:18

“…and the Valuable Way” (11-08-20)

The Truth Is, Human Life Is Valuable –Genesis 1:27

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “…and the Valuable Way” (11-08-20)

“…and the Samaritan Way” (11-15-20)

The Truth Is, Doing Good is More Important Than Just Talking About It –1 John 3:18

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “…and the Samaritan Way” (11-15-20)

“…and the Sacrificial Way” (11-22-20)

The Truth Is, The Ultimate Injustice Was Jesus on the Cross –2 Corinthians 5:21