c3Opportunities are not just local, but are a chance for us to practice c3:Caring around the world. The vision for mc3Missions is to focus our efforts, time, and resources to make an intentional and sustainable difference in one specific area outside of the U.S., rather than spread ourselves thin in multiple locations with differing ministry goals.

With this in mind, mc3 is working with Forward Edge International by partnering with Trigo Y Miel, a feeding center and community development ministry located in Oaxaca, Mexico. Our three-phase plan includes both church-wide and individual c3Opportunities to Care for those in this impoverished community:

      • Phase 1: Missionary Support (church-wide) As a church, mc3 supports Victor and Lety Velasco, the directors of Trigo Y Miel, Ale Perez, the field coordinator for Trigo Y Miel, Tom and Wendy Hogan, the American on-site missionaries,  and Trigo Y Miel itself, as an organization, on a monthly basis.
      • Phase 2: Child Sponsorship (individual) Families at mc3 with have the opportunity to sponsor individual children that are a part of the feeding program at Trigo Y Miel. More information can be found in the lobby at the mc3 building or by clicking here, then selecting “Mexico” from the “All Locations” drop-down menu.
      • Phase 3: Short-Term Teams (church-wide) Since the beginning of our partnership with Trigo Y Miel, we’ve sent five short-term teams of mc3ers to serve there in Oaxaca.  These teams are built around specific needs that exist at Trigo Y Miel and are “staffed” with those needs in mind. The tentative target for our seventh team is spring 2025!

Please watch the video below to learn more about what God is doing at Trigo Y Miel!