Can You Feel It? - Feb 2014

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“Charged Up” (02-02-14)

Shocking Truth: Anger Doesn’t Accomplish Anything –James 1:19b-20

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Charged Up” (02-02-14)

“Struck by Fear” (02-09-14)

Shocking Truth: Fear Doesn’t Fix Things –Luke 12:25

[This week we watched a video from Mark Driscoll at the Catalyst Conference. A portion of this video can be found by clicking here]

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Struck by Fear” (02-09-14)

“Static Attraction” (02-16-14)

Shocking Truth: Love Looks Like Doing (Not Feeling) –1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Static Attraction” (02-16-14)

“Insulated by Guilt” (02-23-14)

Shocking Truth: Guilt Doesn’t Get You to God –Hebrews 10:18