Our September series is called This. It’s all about filtering through all of the noise and chaos of life right now, and coming back to what it really means to follow Jesus.

For this series, we’d like to know about your “This. Moments”: When did you first start following Jesus? Or maybe there was a situation that made you turn back to Him? Or was there a decision that God used to draw you closer to Him? Were you talking with your mom? Was there a speaker that you heard? Did a loss or sickness drive you back to Him? Did a Bible passage suddenly “click”? Maybe your This. Moment was a season where God shaped you to be more like Jesus? We’d like you to take a few seconds to record a video-selfie sharing a moment about when, where, and how God changed your life.

Here are the details:

  • The video should be about 60 seconds, MAX*
  • Please record in landscape (horizontal) mode
  • Start your video by saying: “This is my this. moment…” then briefly share your moment
  • Upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, etc. and then send the link (or full video file) to info@mc3church.org or via Facebook messenger.
  • We will then take your videos and compile & edit them to be shown during the Worship Experienc2e throughout the This. series (all September). Videos will need to be uploaded by Wednesday each week to be used for the following Sunday.

That’s it! E-mail or message us if you have any questions and share your This. Moment today!

*we may edit, trim, or remove your video based on time and/or content

NOTE: We will not be posting these videos to any of our social media pages

Watch The Promo Video Here: