Marked - Jan 2015

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“Missed the Mark” (01-04-15)

The Marks on Your Past Can’t Keep You From Being Used by God. –Romans 8:1

[At the conclusion of the Point this week, we watched a video by Dan Stevers entitled “Scars”. That video can be found by clicking here]

“X Marks the Spot” (01-11-15)

You are Marked as Righteous because of Your Faith. –Romans 5:1

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “X Marks the Spot” (01-11-15)

“Making Your Mark” (01-18-15)

The Mark You Leave for the Future Will Be Jesus in You. –1 Corinthians 3:7

“Permanent Marker” (01-25-15)

You Are Marked as His for Eternity! –Ephesians 1:14

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Permanent Marker” (01-25-15)