Start Cheating - May/Jun 2014

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“Start Now” (05-04-14)

Start Cheating: Make the Hard Decisions Now That Will Benefit You Later –Ephesians 5:15-16

“Start Investing” (05-11-14)

Start Cheating Your Schedule: Investing in Your Relationship with Jesus Now Will Make You a Better Mom Later –Luke 10:41b-42a

“Start Preparing” (05-18-14)

Start Cheating Your Kids: A Parent’s Job Now is to Prepare Them for Later –Psalm 90:12

“Start Prioritizing” (05-25-14)

Start Cheating the Statistics: Prioritizing Your Marriage Now Will Make It Last Later –Hebrews 13:4a

“Start Living” (06-01-14)

Start Cheating Your Expectations: Live! Where God Has You Now, and Trust Him for Later –Philippians 4:12b

“Start Encouraging” (06-08-14)

Start Cheating Your Generation: Working Now to Encourage the Future (& the Past) Will Benefit the Church Later –Psalm 71:18

[This week we watched a video from Craig Groeschel at the Catalyst Conference. A segment from this video can be found by clicking here]

“Start Making” (06-15-14)

Start Cheating the Stereotype: Dads–The Difference You Make Now Can Last for Later (and later…and later…) –Ephesians 6:4b

“STOP Serving!” (06-22-14)

Start Cheating the Church: God Wants Your Heart Now, Before He Wants Your Service –1 Samuel 15:22