The Wall - Mar 2018

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“The Wail” (03-04-18)

When You’re Up Against the Wall, Make Prayer Your First Response –Nehemiah 2:4b-5a

“The Work” (03-11-18)

When You’re Facing the Wall, Put Aside Your Pride and Share the Work –Nehemiah 3:8-9

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “The Work” (03-11-18)

“The War” (03-18-18)

When Your Back’s Against the Wall, Stand Strong Against Opposition –Nehemiah 4:8-9

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “The War” (03-18-18)

“The Win” (03-25-18)

When You’ve Overcome the Wall, Celebrate What God Has Done! –Nehemiah 12:27

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “The Win” (03-25-18)