The Story - Mar 2020

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“The Plot” (03-01-20)

The Plot of The Story has a Purpose and a Plan –Hebrews 4:12

“The Plot” (03-01-20) NOTES

“The Characters” (03-08-20)

The Characters in The Story Collide with the Creator –Genesis 12:1-3

“The Characters” (03-08-20) NOTES

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “The Characters” (03-08-20)

“The Conflict” (03-22-20)

The Conflict in The Story Continues with a Kingdom –2 Samuel 7:12,16

“The Conflict” (03-22-20) NOTES

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “The Conflict” (03-15-20)

“The Hero” (03-29-20)

The Hero of the Story Handles the Heartache –Luke 24:27

“The Hero” (03-29-20) NOTES

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “The Hero” (03-29-20)

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