Go. - Sep/Oct 2012

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“Grace.” (09-02-12)

Give Grace. Even when it’s not deserved… –Luke 10:37

“Follow.” (09-09-12)

Live Like Jesus. Even though it’s easier to just “Like” him… –Matthew 11:30

“Share.” (09-16-12)

Communicate Christ. Even if you feel unworthy… –Matthew 28:19-20a

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Share.” (9-16-12)

“Give.” (09-23-12)

Give Generously. Even when it doesn’t make sense… –Matthew 5:41

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “GIVE” (9-23-12)

 “Change.” (10-07-12)

Change Consistently. Even when you don’t want to… –1 Corinthians 9:22b

[During the Point this week, we watched a 15 minute video clip from Andy Stanley at the Catalyst One Day event.  A portion of that clip can be watched by clicking here (at about 5:00 in the clip)]

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Change.” (10-7-12)

“Be.” (10-14-12)

Remain Real. Even if it makes you vulnerable… –Galatians 1:10

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Be.” (10-14-12)

“Now.” (10-21-12)

Start Serving Now. Even when there are excuses to wait… –John 4:35b

“Simplify.” (10-28-12)

Stay Simple. Even though life wants to make you busy… –1 Peter 2:12