Church Club - Sep 2018

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“Church Clean” (09-02-18)

In a Club, There Are Expectations; In The Church, Come As You Are…Expecting. –Ephesians 5:25b-26

“Church Close” (09-09-18)

In a Club, People See Each Other at the Meetings; In The Church, People Are In Each Other’s Lives –Romans 12:15

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Church Close” (09-09-18)

“Church Clear” (09-16-18)

In a Club, People Attend When It’s Convenient; In The Church, People Are Drawn to Worship –Matthew 15:8

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Church Clear” (09-16-18)

“Church Claim” (09-23-18)

In a Club, People May Do a Service Project to Feel Good; In The Church, People Serve As a Way of Life –Acts 2:44-45

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Church Claim” (09-22-18)