Not On My Watch - Sep/Oct 2017

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“Not Separate” (09-03-17)

On My Watch, I Will: Help Families Succeed –Psalm 145:4

 “Not Fake” (09-10-17)

On My Watch, I Will: Be Real With Others –Romans 15:7

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Not Fake” (09-10-17)

 “Not Critical” (09-17-17)

On My Watch, I Will: Extend Grace to All –Ephesians 4:32

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Not Critical” (09-17-17)

 “Not Mine” (09-24-17)

On My Watch, I Will: Give Outrageously –Philippians 2:3

[Please Note: There is no Point audio for this week, as the focus of the Worship Experienc2e was tied into the 2017 mc3Missions Team Presentation.]

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Not Mine” (09-24-17)

 “Not Holding Back” (10-01-17)

On My Watch, I Will: Serve My Community –1 Peter 4:9

 “Not Limited” (10-08-17)

On My Watch, I Will: Risk to Reach Out –Romans 14:13

[The Point audio is shorter this week as we watched a video from speaker Craig Groeschel at the  Willow Creek Leadership Summit. You can watch this video by clicking here.]

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Not Limited” (10-08-17)

“Not Bystanders” (10-15-17)

On My Watch, I Will: Live Like Jesus –John 13:14

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Not Bystanders” (10-15-17)

“Not Drifting” (10-22-17)

On My Watch, I Will: Let the Bible Decide How I Live –Colossians 3:16

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Not Drifting” (10-22-17)