Word! 3: Kings and Prophets - Mar 2017

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“3 Kings” (03-05-17)

“3 Kings” (03-05-17) HANDOUT

“3 Kinds” (03-12-17)

“3 Kinds” (03-12-17) HANDOUT

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “3 Kinds” (03-12-17)

“3 Conquerors” (03-19-17)

“3 Conquerors” (03-19-17) HANDOUT

 Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “3 Conquerors” (03-19-17)

“3 Come-Backs” (03-26-17)

“3 Come-Backs” (03-26-17) HANDOUT

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “3 Come-Backs” (03-26-17)

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