A Summer of Psalms - Jul/Aug 2015

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“Pshout” (07-05-15)

A Psalm of Worship: Shout Out –Psalm 96:2

“Pstudy” (07-12-15)

A Psalm of Learning: Action Required –Psalm 1:1-2

“Psalvation” (07-19-15)

A Psalm of Repentance: Restoring Joy –Psalm 51:12a

“Psovereign” (07-26-15)

A Psalm of Sovereignty: Thank God –Psalm 139:16

“Psatisfy” (08-02-15)

A Psalm of Gratitude: Thank First –Psalm 100:4

“Psurrender” (08-09-15)

A Psalm of Despair: Trust God –Psalm 22:2

“Psupply” (08-16-15)

A Psalm of Provision: God Provides –Psalm 23:1

“Pseek” (08-23-15)

A Psalm of Desire: Crave God –Psalm 63:1

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