Messengers - Jul/Aug 2017

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“Messengers” (07-02-17)

Messages to Churches: Jesus First! –Revelation 1:11

“Discouragers” (07-09-17)

A Message to a Poor Church: Stay Rich! –Revelation 2:9a

[This week we watched a video from speaker Perry Noble at NewSpring Church. You can watch this video or listen to the audio by clicking here.]

“Forgers” (07-16-17)

A Message to a Dead Church: Wake Up! –Revelation 3:1b

“Exchangers” (07-23-17)

A Message to a Bored Church: Love Again! –Revelation 2:4

Exchangers (07-23-17) TRANSCRIPT

[Audio unavailable due to technical problems, so we have provided the BONUS transcript above in its place–we apologize for the inconvenience.]

“Damagers” (08-06-17)

A Message to a Shallow Church: Grow Deep! –Revelation 2:24a-25

“Challengers” (08-13-17)

A Message to a Lazy Church: Get Going! –Revelation 2:14a

“Encouragers” (08-20-17)

A Message to a Weary Church: Hold On! –Revelation 3:8b

“Scavengers” (08-27-17)

Message to a Halfhearted Church: All In! –Revelation 3:16