Breadcrumbs: Finding Your Way Back - Jan 2016

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“Finding Peace” (01-03-16)

Prayer is the Way Back to Peace –Philippians 4:6-7

“Finding Freedom” (01-10-16)

Confession is the Way Back to Freedom –James 5:16

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Finding Freedom” (01-10-16)

“Finding Satisfaction” (01-17-16)

Contentedness is the Way Back to Satisfaction –Ecclesiastes 4:6

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Finding Satisfaction” (01-17-16)

“Finding Rest” (02-07-16)

Forgiveness is the Way Back to Rest –Luke 17:4

“Finding Joy” (02-14-16)

Worship is the Way Back to Joy –Psalm 16:11

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Finding Joy”(02-14-16)

“Finding Purpose” (02-21-16)

Brokenness is the Way Back to Purpose –Micah 7:8

[This week we watched a video from speaker Louie Giglio at Passion City Church. You can listen to the podcast from this video by clicking here.]

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Finding Purpose” (02-21-16)

“Finding Courage” (02-28-16)

Faith is the Way Back to Courage –Mark 4:40

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Finding Courage” (02-28-16)