Yet Another Summer of Psalms - Jul/Aug 2023

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“Psircumstances” (07-02-23)

A Psalm of Joy: No Excuses –Psalm 33:1

“Psadness” (07-09-23)

A Psalm of Ascent: Not Fair –Psalm 121:1-2

[This week we watched a video from speaker Levi Lusko of Fresh Life Church. This video can be found by clicking or tapping here.]

“Pshow” (07-16-23)

A Psalm of Relationship: Know God –Psalm 19:1

“Pseek” (07-23-23)

A Psalm of Concern: Hope Still –Psalm 14:2-3

“Pshelter” (08-06-23)

A Psalm of Shelter: God Protects –Psalm 91:2

“Psimplicity” (08-13-23)

A Psalm of Versatility: Just Praise –Psalm 117

“Pshare” (08-20-23)

A Psalm of Legacy: Never Forget –Psalm 78:4

“Pshine” (08-27-23)

A Psalm of Deflection: To Him –Psalm 115:1

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