Family Hacks - May/Jun 2016

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“Hacking Family” (05-01-16)

Try This Family Hack: Make Jesus First in Your Family –Matthew 22:37-38

“Hacking Parenting #1” (05-08-16)

Try This Parenting Hack #1: Discipline to Show Your Love –Proverbs 13:24

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Hacking Parenting #1” (05-08-16)

“Hacking Singleness” (05-15-16)

Try This Relationship Hack: Stay Single and Serve God –1 Corinthians 7:32,34

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Hacking Singleness” (05-15-16)

“Hacking Marriage” (05-22-16)

Try This Marriage Hack: Become One with Your Spouse –Genesis 2:24

 Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Hacking Marriage” (05-22-16)

“Hacking Fighting” (06-05-16)

Try This Fighting Hack: Listen Before You Talk –James 1:19

[This week we watched a video from speaker Craig Groeschel at Life Church. You can watch this video by clicking here and selecting the video for “Fight Fair”.]

“Hacking Sex” (06-12-16)

[Due to the content of this week’s Point, listener discretion is advised]

Try This Sex Hack: Give Your Body to Your Spouse –1 Corinthians 7:3

 Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Hacking Sex” (06-12-16)

“Hacking Parenting #2” (06-19-16)

Try This Parenting Hack #2: Be The Example of Loving Jesus –Genesis 22:8

 Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Hacking Parenting #2” (06-19-16)

“Hacking Adoption” (06-26-16)

Try This Spiritual Hack: Live As Children of God! –Galatians 4:5

 Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Hacking Adoption” (06-26-16)