Vertically: God is the center of the universe. We value anything that takes the focus from ourselves and places it on Him, where it belongs.

“Discipleicity”: A biblical disciple is one who follows in the footsteps of their teacher, therefore we value living like Jesus, not just knowing about Him.

Differently: Change. Sometimes it takes different methods to reach people far from God, so we value taking risks by looking at things differently.

Simplicity: It is easy for the church to over-complicate the Christian message with too many programs and activities that pull people away from our primary job: following Christ. For this reason, we value keeping our programs/process simple and focusing on what we do best.

Family: God has given parents (not the church) the responsibility of being the spiritual leaders in the home; therefore, as a church, we value doing everything that we can to help the family succeed.

Locality: We want our local community to be glad that we are here. We value being a part of our community both in presence and in serving.

Outrageous Generosity: God gave us His son Jesus when we least deserved it and we want to have the same attitude. We value giving lavishly to others even when it doesn’t always “make sense”.

Authenticity: We are accepted by God “where we are”, therefore we value “being real” with each other about our failures, successes, and flaws.

Grace-centricity: Jesus’ life was marked by forgiveness and acceptance – He gave us an unearned gift. Likewise, we value extending grace to others no matter who they are or what they’ve done.

Biblically: God’s Word is the authority for how to live as Christ-followers, therefore we value the Bible as the main filter for everything that we do as a church.