Another Summer of Psalms - Jul/Aug 2019

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“Psustained” (07-07-19)

A Psalm of Remembrance: Forever Love –Psalm 136:1

“Psome” (07-14-19)

A Psalm of Grace: All In! –Psalm 107:43

[The audio is slightly distorted due to a technical problem–we apologize for the inconvenience.]

“Psatisfied” (07-21-19)

A Psalm of Harmony: Justice Satisfied –Psalm 85:10

“Psuperior” (07-28-19)

A Psalm of Holiness: Far Beyond –Psalm 50:12

“Psupport” (08-04-19)

A Psalm of Ascent: God Helps! –Psalm 121:1-2

[This week we watched a video from speaker Levi Lusko of Fresh Life Church. This video can be found by clicking or tapping here.]

“Pshort” (08-11-19)

A Psalm of Brevity: Eternal Focus –Psalm 90:2

“Pstill” (08-18-19)

A Psalm of Refuge: Be Still! –Psalm 46:10

“Psteady” (08-25-19)

A Psalm of Praise: For EVERYthing –Psalm 150:6

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