B-Sides - May/Jun 2021

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“The Liar” (05-02-21)

Abraham the Father of Israel …was also Abraham the Liar—twice! –Genesis 12:13

“The Deceiver” (05-09-21)

Jacob, Whose Name was Changed to Israel …was also Jacob the Deceiver –Genesis 27:19

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “The Deceiver” (05-09-21)

“The Murderer” (05-16-21)

Moses the Deliverer …was also Moses the Murderer –Exodus 2:12

Please Note: This week’s Point is shorter than normal, as we heard the story and calling from our c3 Pastor Candidate, Chris H. You can hear the audio from that portion of the Point, by clicking below:

c3 Pastor Candidate Story & Call: Chris H.

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “The Murderer” (05-16-21)

“The Adulterer” (05-23-21)

David, the Man After God’s Heart …was also David the Adulterer –2 Samuel 11:3-4

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “The Adulterer” (05-23-21)

“The Cheater” (06-13-21)

Matthew, the Gospel Writer …was also Matthew the Cheating Tax Collector –Matthew 9:10

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “The Cheater” (06-13-21)

“The Coward” (06-20-21)

Peter the Evangelist …was also Peter the Coward, who Denied Jesus –Matthew 26:69-70

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “The Coward” (06-20-21)

“The Persecutor” (06-27-21)

Paul the Missionary …was also Saul the Persecutor of the Church –Acts 9:1

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “The Persecutor” (06-27-21)