Cropped - Jan/Feb 2017

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“Empowered” (01-08-17)

Cropped: God Can Make Me Do Anything I Want! Completed: God Helps in Hardship –Philippians 4:13

 Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Empowered” (01-08-17)

“Greed” (01-15-17)

Cropped: Money is Evil! Completed: Greed Guarantees Grief –1 Timothy 6:10

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Greed” (01-15-17)

“Accompanied” (01-22-17)

Cropped: God’s Here When There are at Least Two of Us! Completed: Jesus Reinforces Restoration –Matthew 18:20

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Accompanied” (01-22-17)

“Judged” (02-05-17)

Cropped: Don’t Judge Me! Completed: Handle Hypocrisy Beforehand –Matthew 7:1

“Perfected” (02-12-17)

Cropped: God Will Make My Life Good! Completed: God’s Purposes Prevail –Romans 8:28

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Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Perfected” (02-12-17)

“Fixed” (02-19-17)

Cropped: God Will Fix America! Completed: Israel’s Promises Are Our Principles –2 Chronicles 7:14

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Fixed” (02-19-17)

“Granted” (02-26-17)

Cropped: “In Jesus Name” Will Get Me What I Want! Completed: Jesus Declares His Divinity –John 14:14

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Granted” (02-26-17)

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