The Deceiver - Jan/Feb 2024

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“Born Deceiving” (01-07-24)

God’s Plans Aren’t Bound by Our Culture –Genesis 25:23

“Bad Decision” (01-14-24)

Our Desires Aren’t Worth Sacrificing Our Future –Genesis 25:32

[This week we watched a video from speaker Andy Stanley at the Catalyst conference. You can watch a video with similar content by clicking here.]

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Bad Decision” (01-14-24)

“Blessing Disobedience” (01-21-24)

God’s Purposes Aren’t Excuses for Our Disobedience –Genesis 27:36a

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Blessing Disobedience” (01-21-24)

“‘Buying’ Devotion” (01-28-24)

Our Actions Aren’t Going to Earn God’s Love –Genesis 28:8-9

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “’Buying’ Devotion” (01-28-24)

“Blocking Devotion” (02-04-24)

Our Failures Aren’t Obstacles for God’s Grace –Genesis 28:15

“Being Disappointed (02-11-24)

Our Relationships Aren’t Going to Satisfy Like Jesus –Genesis 29:16-17

[This week we watched a video from speaker Craig Groeschel of Life Church. This video can be found by clicking or tapping here.]

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Being Disappointed” (02-11-24)

“Brotherly Division” (02-18-24)

Our Grudges Aren’t a Match for God’s Forgiveness –Genesis 33:4

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Brotherly Division” (02-18-24)

“Bold Declaration” (02-25-24)

God’s Promises Aren’t Finished Until They’re Fulfilled –Genesis 49:1 & 10

Pr’me Group Discussion Guide “Bold Declaration” (02-25-24)