Strong - Apr/May 2013

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“Stay. Strong.” (04-07-13)

Be Strong…The Ends Don’t Justify the Means –Daniel 1:8

“Heard. Strong.” (04-14-13)

Be Strong…God Hears You –Daniel 2:20,23

“Stand. Strong.” (04-21-13)

Be Strong…Obedience May Cost You Something, but Disobedience Will Cost You More –Daniel 3:17-18

“Made. Strong.” (04-28-13)

Be Strong…God Has You Here for a Reason –Daniel 4:17b,25b,32b

[This week we watched a video from Andy Stanley at the Catalyst Conference. A  portion of this video can be found by clicking here]

“Grounded. Strong.” (05-05-13)

Be Strong…You’re Not All That! –Daniel 5:27

“Held. Strong.” (05-12-13)

Be Strong…God is With You, Even When Everyone is Against You –Daniel 6:4

“Faith. Strong.” (05-19-13)

Be Strong…God Can Be Trusted with the Unknown –Daniel 7:14b

“Saved. Strong.” (05-26-13)

Be Strong…Jesus Will Rescue the World! –Daniel 12:1b