More REALationships - May 2015

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“Serve Up” (05-03-15)

REALating Means We Serve Selflessly –1 Peter 4:10a

 “Lighten Up” (05-10-15)

REALating Means We Believe the Best –1 John 4:11

[This week we watched a video from speaker Andy Stanley at the Catalyst 2009 Conference. A video with similar content can be found by clicking here.]

“Shut Up” (05-17-15)

REALating Means We Watch Our Words –James 3:10

[This week we watched a video from speaker Louie Giglio. A segment from this video can be found by clicking here.]

“Soften Up” (05-24-15)

REALating Means We Accept Instruction –Hebrews 3:13

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